Thomas Pechhacker presents his newest project "outline"

The goal was  to ride the entire railing of the 360 Skytour, a viewing platform on the Hochkar mountain. 

The difficulty seems obvious. Balancing with a bike on a 5cm thin railing 120m above the ground is anything but easy.

Nevertheless, the mental part of it was the toughest one to master.

"On the first tries I didn´t even come more than 1 metre. I kept on failing. Over and over again I´ve lost the balance. My body was too sheaky, my mind not on point."

"At one point I did not think that I will make it"


It took him a couple of tries to get the momentum on his side - his greatest opponent was himself. In the end he could put everything together and ride this scary line out.

"I am beyond than stoked that I did it. Sometimes you have to force yourself into situations of discomfort to really feel alive."


A big shoutout goes to the safety team. It tuned out to be quite a challenge to set the ropes and safety points up. The problem was not the height but the suspension bridge underneath. In case of a fall the rope had to be tight to secure that he was not falling on the steel cable of the bridge which would have led to bad injuries.